Facilities are excellent – laundry, showers, toilets, BBQ and a covered barbeque area for informal dinners or celebrations. 

With a wide range of onsite marine services, Norsand Boatyard is the place to refit and repair your boat before continuing your journey.

Other facilities include:      

  • ·                       Water blasting and pressure washing
  • ·                       Laundry room with washers and dryers
  • ·                       Showers and toilets
  • ·                       Free local phone for Norsand residents
  • ·                       WiFi Internet through local providers
  • ·                       Phone cards available at the office
  • ·                       Book share
  • ·                       Fax and photocopies
  • ·                       Mail service – using Norsand address to receive mail
  • ·                       Receiving fax and phone messages 
  • ·                       On-site parking with security lighting
  • ·                       240v electricity and water supply
  • ·                       Household trash removal and recycling
  • ·                       On-site Store for your basic boat  maintenance needs
  • ·                       Storage space
  • ·                       Planks and scaffolding can be hired on-site
  • ·                       Furnished accommodation on-site if required

The benefits of being a working yard are countless when you assess boat projects. Our Operational Manager will assist you to prepare your work list and make arrangements to have repairs and maintenance done by professionals on site or you can do the work yourself. Norsand can manage your refit or oversee contractors on your behalf.

Our experienced boatbuilders can:

  • ·                     Refurbish interiors and fabricate new cabinetry
  • ·                     Wood projects. Traditional Boat Building and repairs.
  • ·                     Design and build hard dodgers and Hardtops
  • ·                     Teak deck work
  • ·                     Spray-paint jobs, touch ups, cut & polish, non skid
  • ·                     Welding and fabrication, steel, alloy and stainless
  • ·                     Fibreglass and osmosis repairs
  • ·                     Keels and rudders repair and construction
  • ·                     Designed modifications and hull extension
  • ·                     Abrasive blasting & painting


Norsand’s friendly and experienced staff will ensure you have an enjoyable stay.